• Investigations in time and motion.


  • My paintings explore depth, the space between spaces, movement and interaction. Through process of evaporation, gravity, movement, these works are an interplay with artist, materials and time, the end result capturing only the final moment of this shifting interaction.


    Amy Fox, an artist whose mediums include painting and printmaking, makes art that finds complexity through limitations. In her painting series One, a series painted where each painting is a painted entirely by its own pre-mixed combination of Thalo Blue/Green, takes the color to its limits.  By giving the materials space in the process, Fox discovered a range of expressive and communicative depth, from a delicate and graceful pastel stain to a punch-in-the-gut near black opaque force. The process of allowing the color to flow, merge, layer, build and interact created meditative and rich visual field evoking feelings of being in the deep sea with light passing through, in a forest, or inside the mind of a contemplative lost in a powerful meditation.  These paintings become an expression of human personhood and experience in which the inner workings of a mind grow in a similar way to those elements in nature- sometimes crisp and clear lineages, sometimes a nebula of intersecting ideas, sometimes a shrouded journey waiting to find clarity. All of these complex concepts are beautifully explored through the seeming simplicity of one color. In subsequent series, Amy expands her palette, tools and process to include conversations with other colors, interactions, and ideas, embodied in the abstract psychological environment of controlled chaos. Fox marks her interior journey of understanding nature, the mind and human experience through these accumulations of slowly moving pigments or the pigment that is adhered by force of action. With each work, the viewer is able to glimpse into the forest of Fox’s aesthetic landscape. ​



  • CV


    2002 MFA, Rochester Institute of Technology. Rochester, NY

    1994 BA, Studio Art & Theology, Wheaton College. Wheaton, IL


    2013 Postgraduate Diploma, Strategy & Innovation, Saïd Business School, Oxford University. Oxford, UK

    2004 MBA, Marketing, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts. Amherst, MA



    2016 Group Show. Bird Show. Coastline Art Gallery, Newport Beach, CA

    2015 Group Show. IPE:2015. University of Derby, Banks Mill Studios, Derby, UK

    2012 Solo Show. Falling Up. Robert Bullock Gallery, Azusa, CA

    2011 Group Show. 5x5 Invitational. Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA

    2010 Solo Show. Paintings. Phantom Galleries, Long Beach, CA

    2010 Group Show. International Mail Art Exhibition: In Honor and Memory of Judith Hoffberg. Armory, Pasadena, CA

    2009 Group Show. Faculty and Alumni Show. Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA

    2009 Group Show. Multiple Originals. Women Printmakers of Austin. Multiple Galleries, Austin, TX

    2006 Group Show. CIVA Prints (various U.S. locations)



    2014 ADP Innovation Conference, Keynote. Pomona, CA

    2014/5 Pepperdine University, Guest Speaker Marketing & Research, Malibu, CA

    2006 - Current. Adjunct Professor of Art. MFA, BFA & BA Studio Art & Design & Art History programs.

    Azusa Pacific University. Azusa, CA

    2001- 2002. Instructor. Rochester Institute of Technology. Graphic, Digital, Industrial and Interior Design Programs. Rochester, NY.

    1995 Community Art Classes for Children, Quinlan Art Center, Gainesville, GA

    1997 Art History Survey for Homeschool High School Students, Annapolis, MD



    2014 Oxford Art Online (Grove Art Online) - 10 year review and updates to profiles of the following women artists/designers: Tomoko Miho, Paula Scher, Lucille Tenazas, AdamsMorioka, Carol Devine Carson, Jennifer Morla, Ruth Geyer-Raack, Vera Bock

    2012 Sustainable Thinking by Aaris Sharon, Published Interview

    2006 Oxford Art Online (Grove Art Online) - Written Profiles of the following women artists/designers: Tomoko Miho, Paula Scher, Lucille Tenazas, AdamsMorioka, Carol Devine Carson, Jennifer Morla, Ruth Geyer-Raack, Vera Bock

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